T-Opto® is a Toyota Tsusho America brand focused on the development of LED packages and LED modules. We are focused on establishing long-term relationships with Lighting OEMs.


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Sololux High Output Module

Sololux High Output LED Module (patent pending)
Replaces 84-160W fluorescent or 100-150 HID lamps.

The T-Opto Sololux High Output LED module uses some of the newest and highest-power LED technology available. Here's a revolutionary LED package that uses a single light source, which means more easily controlled optics in high brightness applications.

- This advanced technology LED module is the right solution for light fixtures that must deliver high output and long life. The T-Opto Sololux high output module is a cross-platform LED module suitable
for high bay, low bay, security and area lighting fixtures. Applicable for indoor and outdoor use, it can be used in wall pack and canopy fixtures.

- The Luminus  high output LED package features Phlatlight technology. These large-format, ultra-bright solid state light sources deliver extremely high energy efficiency, up to 90 module lumens per watt (steady state, hot lumens) @3.15A, and high output: up to 6500 lumens (steady state, hot lumens) at 6.3A. Phlatlight LEDs have a lifetime over 50,000 hours (70% lumen maintenance).

- The High Output LED Module is availabe as a component with quick connect power plug for easy service in the field. It can also sold as part of a total fixture package, or ask the expert T-Opto team to design a custom high-output LED solution for your company.