T-Opto® is a Toyota Tsusho America brand focused on the development of LED packages and LED modules. We are focused on establishing long-term relationships with Lighting OEMs.


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T8 LED Replacement

T8 retrofit lights are designed to be a direct retrofit for T8 lighting fixtures. These LED replacement bulbs offer many advantages, including a lower power consumption and longer lifetime. 20W LED lamps replacement 32W T8 fluorescent bulbs, and upto last five times as long (longer if there is rapid cycling), generally reaching up to 50,000 working hours, equivalent to between 3,000-5,000 working days. In addition, unlike flourescent bulbs, T8 LED bulbs do not flicker, and offer soft, even light throughout its lifespan. They are RoHS compliant and completely UV and IR free. Simply disconnect the ballast and plug in your new LED lamp.